Philip Polk Palmer – Frog Strangler

• “Frog Strangler” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.5 “Excellent Moody Chops from the USA”

From his album “Here In The Deadlights” (Silber Records) released in June 2015.

It’s raining cats and dogs, alligators, fish and frogs. Good grief. Dr. John’s bayou swamp nightmare is ongoing in the 2010s… the press release sheds some light…

Savannah is a legendary city. The spirit of the south of the 1700s still has an ominous presence in its streets as well as nearly 300 years of ghosts since. This is the world Philip Polk Palmer captures on Here in the Deadlights, a loving tribute to his hometown.

Influenced by bands like Joy Division, The Church, The Reds, Nick Cave & the Badseeds, Echo & the Bunnymen, & Bauhaus; Palmer takes post punk & shoegaze & melancholy pop & mixes them with the ghosts, hopes, legends, & life of Savannah. “Down the River,” “Better in the Books,” & “Frog Strangler” all come from standpoint of the old men of Savannah, those who’ve lost friends & fingers to alligators & view the tourists & newcomers with disgust. “Apparition,” “The Call,” & “Embryonic Language Pilgrims” capture both the melancholic & hopeful spirit of the city. “Joyride,” “Seeing Stars,” & “Goodbye” tell personal tales of the current generation’s adventures in the city.

Hear the call & enjoy the joyride as Philip Polk Palmer takes you on an aural tour of one of the south’s great cities.

This was another heard on Mark Whitby’s very fine August 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You’ll find it at Bandcamp.


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