Dog, Paper, Submarine – Ms Moonlet

• “Ms Moonlet” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

7.6 “Great Indie Rock / Alternative Rock from Sweden”

From their EP “Signal From Kepler-22b” (Small Bear None) released in July 2015.

Any band who tag their music churchcore and powerviolence are alright with me, and DPS are IN.

I’m not too sure which one is which but I can tell you the Dog, Paper, Submarine trio hail from Malmö, and have been on the go since 2013. These purveyors of indie rock, fuzz, jangle, noise, lo-fi and pop are: Martin Månsson (vocals, guitar); Emil Engblom (bass, e-bow) and Carolina ‘Carro’ Carlbom (drums, vocals).

This was another from Mark Whitby’s August 2015 show on Dandelion Radio, where you will find a handy tracklist as you listen. What a service.

You can find this one at good ol’ Bandcamp.

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