Pere Ubu – Have Shoes, Will Walk (The Fabulous Sequel)

• “Have Shoes, Will Walk (The Fabulous Sequel)” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Cooking Vinyl Archive.

8.7 “Excellent New Wave from the USA”

From their album “New Picnic Time” (Chrysalis CHR-1248) released in 1979.

What a superb track; if only all pop was this weird and wonderful, er, what a weird and wonderful world it would be.

Stewart Mason at AllMusic penned a nice song review for this one:

Pere Ubu never made a single that could even come close to being considered commercial until 1990’s “Waiting for Mary,” but even taking that into consideration, “The Fabulous Sequel” was an odd choice for a single. Primarily consisting of overdubbed David Thomas vocals alternately singing, shrieking, and sobbing in a largely wordless wail over a scrappy tune that marries the jangle pop drive of the British Invasion, as represented by Tom Herman’s perky guitar lead, to a deliberately repetitious, art-punk rhythm section, “The Fabulous Sequel” is just plain weird. It’s also, unexpectedly, so oddly catchy that, somehow, its strangeness becomes a sort of hook in itself. “The Fabulous Sequel” is that rarity, a Pere Ubu song that’ll just randomly pop into your head as you’re doing the dishes. So perhaps it wasn’t that odd a choice for a single after all.

You can check my favoured album reviews from ’79 here.


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