Bass To Pain Converter – Creatures

• “Creatures” set to a later compilation album cover. Thanks to Bass To Pain Converter – Topic.

7.9 “Great Alternative Dance from Australia”

From his EP “Creatures” released in May 2015.

I can’t help but turn it up, which is always a good sign.

Utilizing undeniably massive Techno beats and strikingly haunting melodic loops topped with an element of the psychedelic, Bass to Pain Converter energizes audiences with a delectably dark and heavy sound. Paul Suares (Bass to Pain Converter) is a professional drummer and techno producer from Sydney, Australia. Originally forming in early 2014 with fellow musician, Anthony Robertson, B2PC has since become a solo act. After continuing to perform at festivals around Australia, Suares eventually relocated to Berlin in order to immerse himself in the city’s rich electronic music scene. Here he continues to produce and DJ as B2PC, as well as under his other project, Victor Y.

This was another from Mark Whitby’s August 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You can get it as a FREE download at Ektoplazm, and that must surely be the best offer you’ll get today ; – )

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