Grieche and Gabeen – Modular [alex bau remix]

• “Modular [alex bau remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Kobie Cocozza.

8.2 “Fantastic Alternative Dance from Germany/Hungary”

From their “Patch It” EP released in August 2014.

Minimalist as it is, there’s a gnawing depth to this piece, I love it. As ever, it’s a game in itself to try to get to know these shadowy twilight figures, but I’ve at least found out Grieche is Christian Stachtidis, a German Techno producer since 2011 and Gabeen is Gábor Bacsárdi, a Techno DJ and producer based in Székesfehérvár, operating since 2009.

The 12″ is sold out, but it’s still downloadable from the link below.

Heard on the August 2015 edition of the Mark Cunliffe show on Dandelion Radio.

You’ll find this one at Amazon.


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