Bored To Death – Hate You More

• “Hate You More” set to images from the original 7″. Thanks to Robert Baloney.

7.9 “Great Punk from the USA”

Lead track on their 1993 EP “Bored To Death”.

What a great record; smell that teen spirit. Is that Donald Trump doing the intro? Bored To Death were four young punks from Phoenix; Adan Know (drums), Annie Christ (vocals), Chris Afiction (bass) and Tony Young (guitar).

This rarity resurfaced c/o an appearance on “Destroy All Art” (RNR-001), a compilation of 17 under-the-radar Punk hits from the 90s, of which Light In The Attic said:

This LP is so obviously and consistently killer that it seems like it could very well represent a total paradigm shift in the punk record collecting world…

… someone with a lot of time on their hands and a really discerning ear pulled these together out of the vast swaths of crap that exist in pretty much every used record bin ever. MIND BLOWN!

Heard on Kevin Robinson’s August 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

The bad news is, this album has sold-out of 2 pressings, so it’ll be hard to find…

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