Seahorse Transform – Djaja Dub

• “Djaja Dub” set to a suitably scenic video. Thanks to LIVE@GOA.

8.5 “Excellent Dubbeat from Denmark”

From his album “Dust From A Trip” (Sofa Beats ‎SOFA-BEATS-CD-04) released in March 2007.

Seahorse Transform is 34-year-old Simon Jagd from Copenhagen, where he has been writing music since his teenage days, specialized in percussions. Simon has a weakness for Asian instruments and is deeply inspired from many journeys to India. His music has vast depth and is painted with very strong emotions and beauty.

This one is, indeed, all about the feeling; blissful and chilled all the way, a quite wondrous piece.

This was another heard on Sean Hocking’s July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You can find it at Amazon.

Notch up that bass.

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