The Dubbstyle featuring Enzo Furiasse – Bloodfire [trombone version]

• “Bloodfire [trombone version]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover.

8.2 “Fantastic Reggae from Argentina”

From their EP “Simona” released in June 2015.

This FREE track has the wow factor with so much going for it; that super-phat bass has got the Jah Wobbles, that hazy-lazy trombone could easily belong to Rico Rodriguez and they certainly know how to drop-the-kick. And as if all that wasn’t enough, they hail from Mendoza.


A city which is indelibly inked into my psyche; its’ very name gets my heart racing, being as it was the scene of an unforgettable, and extremely rare, Scottish triumph on the World Football stage.

In 1978, Scotland were up against the Netherlands in their final group game. Having been less than fantastic thus far, a victory by 3 goals was the requirement in order that we would make progress at the expense of the Dutch, a side who were finalists in the preceding tournament. We had next to chance but, unbelievably, took it to the very brink when Archie Gemmill’s wonder-goal (widely acknowledged as the ‘goal of the tournament’) actually made it 3-1 to Scotland. This was the cue for intense celebrations, hitherto unknown by this young football fan, as cushions and all sorts were flung about our Drumchapel living-room in fits of glee.

Alas, there was no happy ending as a stunning strike by Johnny Rep ensured that the Dutch had the breathing space to see it through the end.

Still, we dared to dream, and at least salvaged some pride with that 3-2 win.

Beautiful Mendoza!

The brothers Mauro Waro Salina and Federico Bindub Salina started making their first appearances to the public five years ago, as djs in the local scene of the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Soon they started incorporating in their sets their own compositions. This happened in the middle of year 2012, when the two djs started demonstrating and promoting their own music through various events in different venues. Their sound is a mixture of trip hop, reggae and dubstep, presented to the audience in a live dubwise style. In the late 2012 Waro decided to commit himself totally to the bass and Bindub took the role of the Dub Master. That is how THE DUBBSTYLE was born, a live dub project from Argentina, in the spirit of the new breed of dub acts combining live sounds with the traditional on-stage dubbing. They perform as a duo in Mendoza, Valparaiso (Chile) and Cordoba. During their live shows there is a very distinct stage presence with them dressed up as monkeys, staying anonymous to the public. Nevertheless, it is the originality of their sound their big asset. Especially during their lives, their sound enters into new dimensions with the addition of many guest musicians on drums, guitar, percussion and horns.

SIMONA is their second EP, their first on Dubophonic. It includes six brand new tracks by the Argentinian duo, juggling between trip hop beats, dubstep, traditional South America melodies and reggae, all presented in their own original dubwise style. We have included also an unreleased cut of their first track “Bloodfire”, specially reconstructed for this release, featuring Enzo Furiasse on the live trombone, properly dubbed and spaced out. With these words said, please welcome the new heavyweight dub sound from Mendoza! The Dubbstyle!

~ Dubophonic Records

Heard on Pete Jackson’s July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available as a free download from Dubophonic (how good are they?)

As a nice wee bonus here are The Dubbstyle performing in their hometown at the Rumbo Perdido Bar on 14th February 2014. As mad as fruit biscuits.

Archie Gemmill, bloodfire rude bwoy!


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