Spray Paint – Day Of The Rope

• “Day Of The Rope” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to HomelessVinyl.

8.4 “Fantastic Post-Punk from the USA”

From their LP “Punters On A Barge” (Homeless Records) released in June 2015.

I had their Austin mates Ghetto Ghouls on here the other day, seems like’s there’s a healthy scene going on right there.

Spray Paint are: Cory Plump (guitar/vocals), George Dishner (guitar/vocals), Chris Stephenson (drums). Sounds like: Scabrous, clanging post-punk full of abrasive anxiety and ominous atmospheres. For fans of: Sonic Youth, Protomartyr, Jesus Lizard.

wonderingsound.com have this to say:

Spray Paint’s minimalist, clanging post-punk radiates danger. Spray Paint‘s ability to harness this anxiety without missing a beat stems from the fact that the trio have history together; specifically, they used to play in the noisy rock band When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. Spray Paint originally came together during casual post-Dinos-practice jamming in late 2011. Things got more serious in early 2012 — when they nabbed a record deal and released their first single — and have gotten bigger since, between tours with likeminded souls Protomartyr, and appearances at Chaos in Tejas, Fun Fun Fun Fest and Goner Records Fest.

Kudos to Lee Adcock for the great pointer via her July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Bandcamp.

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