Crass – They’ve Got A Bomb

• “They’ve Got A Bomb” set to a picture of the band’s logo. Thanks to entropyness.

8.0 “Fantastic Punk from England”

From their album “The Feeding Of The 5000” (Small Wonder Records ‎WEENY-2) released in 1979.

Crass were just a name on the back of leather jackets – I was just too young to get them first time around – but I tend to eventually gravitate towards such bands who have held a curious interest for me over a long period of time.

Their full-length debut was a spiky 18 song affair, 32 minutes of throaty vitriol, just what I expected really, not all that, but not half bad in places.

Top track “They’ve Got A Bomb” goes against the grain somewhat, clocking in at almost four minutes, but has a period of silence within it, inspired by John Cage’s “4’33″”. The band have acknowledged the influence of Cage, and said that the idea of the space in the song, when performed live, was to suddenly stop the energy, dancing and noise and allow the audience to momentarily “confront themselves” and consider the reality of nuclear war.

Crass’s message is as relevant today as it was then.

You can check out 30 of my favoured album reviews from ’79 here.


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