The Junta – Agent Coulson

• “Agent Coulson” set to a rather exotic video. Thanks to Bob O.

7.5 “Great Electronica from England”

From his EP “Hydra” (German Shepherd Records) released in June 2015.

The Junta. I quite like that name, it sounds well tough… “Do not mess with The Junta“.

The Junta is the solo moniker of keyboardist/bassist John Montague (DJ Monty), which he uses to explore his electronic leanings. Born in 1964, the Salfordian has played bass with a variety of bands in his time including Klunk, Pearl Divers (playing with Mike Leigh ex-The-Fall), Positronik and Kit B (Knowledge Is The Bomb). Influences include Human League, John Foxx, Numan, OMD, New Order, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk “and that’s just the older stuff…” he says.

This rather tasty morsel was inspired by a “love of Marvel films and the tv spin-off AGENTS OF SHIELD“.

I’d never heard of Agent Coulson, but I have now. Everyday’s a school day innit?

I picked up on this one via Lee Adcock’s July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Bandcamp.


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