Eccentronic Research Council – You Ruined My Chippy Thursday (Should Of Gone To Codrophenia)

• “You Ruined My Chippy Thursday (Should Of Gone To Codrophenia)” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

9.0 “Classic Storytelling from England”

From their album “Johnny Rocket, Narcissist & Music Machine… I’m Your Biggest Fan” (Without Consent WOUTC-003CD) released in May, 2015.

Well, here’s one which passed me by big style. I’ve only dabbled with the featured track so far, but this sounds like an album I NEED to have, and it SHALL be mine before the year turns.

The Eccentronic Research Council are described as practical Electronics enthusiasts from Sheffield; Adrian Flanagan (who also writes surrealist lyrics) and Dean Honer. With her spoken-word delivery, Maxine Peake often plays a big front-role, as she does here.

The track comes from a concept album, described in the press release thus:

Let us go then you and I… to where ugly farmers drown kittens in weighted down sacks but always go back afterwards to reclaim their bricks; to where lonely drunks die in pubs and no one notices until the corpses slump from their barstools; to where hipster nightclubs burn down to the ground mysteriously in the dead of night; to where court injunctions and restraining orders aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on… and to where a malign presence stalks the darkness at the edge of Sheffield.

The Eccentronic Research Council’s fabulous fourth album, Johnny Rocket, Narcissist And Music Machine…I’m Your Biggest Fan, released on the Fat White Family’s Without Consent label on Monday May 18th 2015, is written from the persuasive point of view of an obsessional fan of a local band – The Moonlandingz, who gig around the fictional South Yorkshire district of Valhalla Dale – and how this fan’s behaviour tips over into stalking and then plummets dramatically into something far worse.

ERC are the mysterious Dean Honer (All Seeing I), the manic Adrian Flanagan (Kings Have Long Arms) and the magnificent Maxine Peake (Shameless, Silk) and together have created something which will target your head, your heart, your hips and the medial epicondyle of your humerus (or your funny bone) in equal measures.

It’s a record for our times: a swirling, brightly lit, adrenaline surging, fairground carousel ride of gleaming synth pop, narcotic psych rock, bewitching spoken word and demented avant garde electronics. Like a Chaucerian epic retold by David Peace for a music hall located in Hell, it looks at obsessional behaviour and how this is fueled by our need to document every passing moment on social media. It also deals with the legacy of Thatcher, which is stronger now that she is dead than it was when she was alive. And it also reaffirms the fact that music is one of the only obsessions in life worth having.

This was another gem from Kevin Robinson’s July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Boomkat.


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