Ghetto Ghouls – Plants

• “Plants” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.2 “Fantastic Post-Punk from the USA”

From the v/a compilation “We Jam By Condos” (Monofonus Press) released in May, 2015.

This is the sound of an American band in a Japanese van in the 2010s, and mighty fine it is too.

These Austin, Texas punks – Corey Anderson, Dan LeVine, Ian Rundell and Garrett Hadden – have been making music together since they were 14 (2004), firmed up as Ghetto Ghouls since 2012.

This nagging, detuned, snarler is exclusive to the aforementioned compilation on their hometown label, Monofonus Press, a set showcasing a lot of neat bands from the area (I can definitely vouch for Spray Paint).

This was another heard on Kevin Robinson’s excellent July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You can read more about the compy and grab a copy directly from Monofonus Press or, if you want to just grab a copy of this track on its own you can do so at Amazon.

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