No Ditching – Dickhead

• “Dickhead” original music video. Thanks to ArtforBlind.

8.8 “Excellent Indie Pop from England”

From their EP “Inseparable” (Art For Blind Records) released in May 2015.

This pop-punk five-piece include Martha’s Naomi Griffin on vocals and guitar (proper star turn and no mistake), Freya on bass, Kate O’Connor on drums, Elle Griffin playing an extra tom drum, and Laura da Costa on guitar.

If you believe, as I do, that music can be therapeutic, then you might like to use this one to help soothe the inner angst over that annoying dickhead that’s bugging your happiness right now. The Durham accent is optional but works best ; – )

Too little time for the people I care about
So I definitely don’t have time for you
Known enough shits in my time
To know exactly what you’re up to
But it’d be great to have a tell-tale sign
To save us all the grief
Of digging deep enough to see
The crap that’s lying underneath
That smarmy shell
I wish you’d have worn that shirt when we first met
So I’d have known that you were a dickhead

Heard on the excellent July 2015 Kevin Robinson show on Dandelion Radio.

Physical copies are now sold out but you can still download the tune at Bandcamp.

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