Samuraj Cities – Atlas

• “Atlas” original music video. Thanks to Samuraj Cities.

8.0 “Fantastic Dream Pop / Shoegaze from Sweden”

From their album “Metallic” (Cheap Deluxe Ent.) in July 2013.

Fantastic stuff, they’re like the Glasvegas of Gothenburg : – )

“Samuraj Jonathan” is the lead-singer you can see in the video, cleverly singing backing and lead vocals at the same time, what a guy.

From what little I can gather about Samuraj Cities, they started out as a duo (Jonathan and Magnus) with label backing, but now describe themselves as a music collective with a DIY spirit. Jonathan is the constant, Magnus comes and goes.

I reckon music fans have never had it so good, artists have never had it so tough.

This shimmering delight was heard via Andrew Morrison’s July 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

It’s available at Amazon.

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