ILL – Slithering Lizards

• “Slithering Lizards” set to a picture of the housing single cover.

8.7 “Excellent Trance Rock from England”

AA side of their digital single “ILL Song/Slithering Lizards” released in October 2015. If you see what I mean.

I’m falling deeper in love with these Manchester girls everytime I hear them. Ferocity and frivolity co-exist wildly in the wonderful and frightening world of ILL. They are: Harri Shanahan (vocals, keys); Sadie Noble (vocals, guitar, tapes); Whitney Bluzma (vocals, bass) and Fiona Ledgard (drums).

From their website:

ILL is a genre-evading band which believes in the power of disobedient noise. With a repertoire of precarious pop songs and frequent improvised departures, ILL revel in the right to be weird, exploring the borders between the funny and the sinister, the personal and the political, the mundane and the surreal.

Formed in Manchester in early 2012, the all-female four-piece has released three EPs along with DIY artwork and music videos. Live performance highlights include “A Disobedient Noise” – an improvised piece at Manchester Art Gallery, Supernormal Festival 2015, Sounds from the Other City (Salford), supporting “riot-goths” Jack off Jill in Manchester, Raw Power Festival 2016, and the upcoming Quietus Festival at WORM, Rotterdam in October this year. They are currently working on their first full-length record due for the release in spring 2017.

^ Ooooh, did you get that? A full-length record due for the release in spring 2017. I could crush a grape!!!

Here’s what they have to say about this monster cut:

Slithering Lizards has been about for most of ILL’s existence. Most of our songs evolve into their definite forms over time, but Lizards never co-operated and is still largely improvised live. Including our current artist and former band member Rosanne Robertson, and producer John Tatlock (think Tesla lightning machines and maniacal cackling), six of us put it together. Rosanne’s lyrics are about the nightmares of a guilty capitalist, fears of terrorism and war. Our keyboardist, Harri, wrote about the government’s persecution of the poor over bedroom tax, and bassist Whitney heard the lizards slithering in the music. The lizards represent fear itself, 21st-century paranoia, equally ridiculous and terrifying.

What an onslaught. “ILL Song/Slithering Lizards” should be devoured hungrily from Bandcamp I reckon.

Roll on the springtime.


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