Benny The Jet Rodriguez – Wish You Were Beer

Hey, The Would Be’s gave me a big shout out on Twitter, that was nice of them wasn’t it? I was wondering why my Irish stats went spiky spiky! A great review for “Silly Songs For Cynical People” is now a shoo-in when the time comes for my Album Chart of 1991 to be published. Yes, I really am that easy ; – )

• “Wish You Were Beer” set to a picture of the housing single cover. Thanks to nonesuchfoxtrot.

8.8 “Excellent Indie Pop from the USA”

From the split 7″ “Martha / Benny The Jet Rodriguez” released in May 2015.

I’ve got a lot of time for Durham’s Martha – they just don’t make bad records. But they’ve been outdone on this split 7″ with this short-lived trio from L.A. There’s just a warm, ramshackle buzz to “Wish You Were Beer”, I LOVE it. They remind me of Mambo Taxi. And beer. And that’s at least an extra 0.5 in the rating.

This was what their tumblr said early last year:

Keepin the San Pedro pot-punk scene poppin is Benny The Jet Rodriguez! They emerged way back in the summer of 2012 originally a two piece featuring a studdly queer babe, L. Freeman, and the handsome drummer with the chops, Joey Centofanti. Soon BTJR became a trifecta with the addition of Todd C.(FYP/Toys That Kill) on the keys. Together they are making magic happen, and smoking tons of weed while doing it. BTJR songs are written by a sweet baby genius! Songs you wish you wrote with harmonious keyboard melodies on top of righteous dirty chord progressions, backed by crashy head bobbin’ drums and vocal chorus’ that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Straight up, pumped up, high side of the lo-fi, feel good, heart felt, innovative pop punk with some grrl power sprinkled on top. New, fresh, young, fun, rockin and uh rollin.

Sadly, they were a goner within just a couple of months of today’s tune:

Sorry we aren’t a band anymore. Word to the wise, don’t let your friends walk all over you. #ripbennythejetrodriguez

I do like to bring you all the best bands just after they’ve split up. It’s for your own good. That way you get all the look-back buzz without the knock-down and heartbreak.

Way to go with your last single though. A home run, hell yeah! #ripbennythejetrodriguez




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