Magazine – I Love You You Big Dummy

• “I Love You You Big Dummy” set to a picture of the housing single. Thanks to REDPUNK1VINYL.

9.9 “All-time classic Punk from England”

B-side of their “Give Me Everything” single (Virgin VS-237) released in November 1978.

How have I not heard this before : – O

A stupendous rendition of the Captain Beefheart tune which had featured on “Lick My Decals Off, Baby” some 8 years earlier. Apparently, Van Vliet thought it was an awful interpretation, the silly old sausage. Too much maths and not enough play was his problem.

Anyway, I bumped into this courtesy of its appearance as a bonus on the expanded CD issue of their “Second Hand Daylight” album. It’s quite clear why it wasn’t on the original set as it’s pretty unrepresentative of the original LP; much spikier and punkier than the New Wave smooth that was their meat and veg as the 70s wore on. Devoto’s irreverence on this cut rockets the man in my taste-o-meter.

This is a great reminder of the awesome b-side from back in the day.


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