Devo – Space Junk

• “Space Junk” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to pepxxx.

8.0 “Fantastic New Wave from the USA”

From their album “Qː Are We Not Men? Aː We Are Devo!” (Warner Bros. Records BSK-3239) released in 1978.

There was some good stuff on Devo’s debut; I particularly cared for “Come Back Jonee” and “Plástico”, as well as today’s featured track, “Space Junk” which, can you believe it, featured Brian Eno… yep, that man again. He seems omnipresent in this year. He played additional synthesizers on this one, as well as adding distorted vocals.

It’s a song about death via flying rivot at 17,500 mph. Ouch.

Well she was walking
All alone
Down the street
In the alley
Her name was Sally
I never touched her
She never saw it
When she was hit by (space junk)
She was fragged by (space junk)
She was killed by (space junk)

In New York
Miami Beach
Heavy metal fell
In Cuba
Saudi Arabia
On Christmas Eve,
Said Norad
The Soviet Sputnik
Hit Africa
It’s falling fast
In Peru too
It keeps comin’
It keeps comin’
It keeps comin’

And now I’m mad about (space junk)
I’m all burned out about (space junk)
Oooh, I can’t talk about (space junk)
It smashed my baby’s head (space junk)
And now my Sally’s dead (space junk)

I’ll be having a minutes silence for poor Sally on the 11th.

You can read my favoured album reviews from ’78 here.

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