Pere Ubu – Cloud 149

• “Cloud 149” set to a picture of a later compile. Thanks to gitdownandboogies kanal.

8.3 “Fantastic Proto-Punk from the USA”

First out as B-side of Final Solution in March, 1976.

What a fantastic slab of wonky rockabilly.

When I picked up on this one I immediately thought to myself I’ll tell you what, I bet ye Mark E. Smith was digging a bit of Pere Ubu in 1976”.

Curious to know if my thoughts were echoed on ‘tinternet, I had a quick Google and, lo and behold, there’s a wee feature by a poster called acknowledge101 on Rate Your Music, in which he matches Pere Ubu versus The Fall, making some good points along the way. It’s played out as a seven-goal thriller and you can see the final score by clicking here!

DJ Rebel says:

Play back-to-back with “Fiery Jack” for maximum dancefloor histrionics.


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