Skream – Rutten

• “Rutten” set to a picture of the patron saint of marijuana. Thanks to ProfessorDirt.

8.2 “Fantastic Dubbeat from England”

From his s/t debut album released in October 2006.

This is the mellow tune that Mark Cunliffe uses to wind-down his Dandelion Radio show every month. I usually ignore it, but something just clicked the other month, and I thought “I need to have that“. What a great production, so crisp, with an intriguing flute and you get a good laugh with the sketch that develops later on. This was a surprise to me as Mark’s bed never gets that far, but perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised what with the scene’s, er, reputation : – )

Ollie ‘Skream’ Jones, the Croydon DJ, producer and original dubstepper has come a long way since he made his debut 10 years ago. From his Facebook:

In the early days of dubstep he and his Big Apple posse made music for themselves and a select band of listeners. There might have been 20 people at FWD>>, the night where resident DJ Hatcha first played Skream’s records, and where he first DJed, but it didn’t matter. Gradually, more people got involved, drawn in by the raw power of the music and well-documented tipping points like Mary Anne Hobb’s Radio 1 show and an influential online forum. And if they heard anyone, they heard Skream, who became an enthusiastic regular on the international dubstep circuit and made an early anthem in ‘Midnight Request Line’. “That tune was when people from the mainstream started looking into the underground. They weren’t embracing it, they were like ‘wow there’s this movement’… and they moved on.” Then, in 2006, he got the parts to Hot Chip’s ‘No Fit State’ and began playing it out. The following year he contacted The Klaxon’s record label for the parts to ‘Not Over Yet’, stripped it down, added synthetic rushes and major bass power, and made it his own. Then came La Roux. Skream’s now infamous remix of “In For The Kill” that got leaked, downloaded thousands of times, and then before long Annie Mac was championing it, urging listeners to get the mix to Number One.

Incidentally, after a few weeks of posting bi-daily, I’ll be serving up one-per-day for the foreseeable…

… stay tuned for more rock n roll…

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