Prince Far I – Moses, Moses

• “Moses, Moses” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to TheRickynow.

8.8 “Excellent Reggae from Jamaica”

From his album “Message From The King” (Front Line FL-1013) released in 1978.

Oh no, another bible basher. RUN!

Haha, only kidding, sort of. Far I is awesome, no matter your beliefs in regard to this sort of thing. The way I look at it is this – if I can adore records sung in Zulu or Swahili when I haven’t got a bleedin’ clue what they’re on about then surely I can turn a deaf ear to the religious crazies? Of course I can.

“Message From The King” wasn’t a patch on his “Long Life” LP which followed in this year, but, as you can hear from this heavy cut, it has some fine moments.

Whose heart wouldn’t be touched by the poverty stricken, especially when there are children involved?

She did not have one penny to buy a slice of bread
And she had sold her wedding gift to keep her young one fed
Friends she had were very poor, the rich man passed them by daily
If someone did not come to help the little one would die
Moses, Moses, go down there and tell King Pharaoh to let I people go

But c’mon, never mind Moses and all these biblical references, it’s a decent social worker she’s needing. Let’s keep it real, eh? Caring and sharing atheists will eventually unite and take over. The civilised French are leading the way. I give it two centuries and Europe will be at the centre of the new world order.

Anyway, I digress…

… you can read the rest of my favoured album reviews from ’78 here.

; – )

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