Ultravox! – Distant Smile

• “Distant Smile” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to fg fg.

7.9 “Great New Wave from England”

From their album “Ha!-Ha!-Ha!” (Island Records ILPS-9505) released in 1977.

My album review:

Ultravox! were yet another of the hard-working groups of ’77 to release two album in the same year, with October’s “Ha!-Ha!-Ha!” following on from February’s self-titled debut. At this time, the London-based quintet were: John Foxx (29, lead vocals); Billy Currie (27, violins, keyboards, synthesiser); Stevie Shears (~23, guitar); Chris Cross (25, bass, vocals) and Warren Cann (27, drums, vocals). In this years’ class, they were second only to the mighty Kraftwerk in terms of setting standards for electronic pop – there’s never a dull moment, with many fine highlights.

You can read the rest of my favoured album reviews from ’77 here.


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