John Martyn – Couldn’t Love You More

• “Couldn’t Love You More” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to TheGuitarManEIRE.

8.2 “Fantastic Folk from England”

From his album “One World” (Island Records ILPS-9492) released in 1977.

Affecting music wasn’t the sole preserve of the Punks and Rastas in ’77; witness exhibit A, John Martyn’s classy and soulful “Couldn’t Love You More”, a song which prevailed as a live staple for him, in the decades which followed.

This was the second album of his to find its way into my collection following 1973s “Solid Air”. Love, sex and death remain his topics of choice, delivered interestingly on this occasion with a variety of trippy, dubby beats. Lee Perry, of all people, pops up for one of the tracks, the result of an invitation to John by Island founder Chris Blackwell to visit Jamaica. Music’s connecting lines never cease to amaze.

You can read all of my favoured album reviews from ’77 here.

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