Ninos Du Brasil – Clelia Clelia

• “Clelia Clelia” set to a picture of the housing single label. Thanks to DFA Records.

8.9 “Excellent Alternative Dance from Italy”

Flip side to their “Aromobates NDB” single, released in January 2015.

Picked up on this formidable thumper via Kevin Robinson’s March 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Ninos Du Brasil are Nicolò Fotunri and Nico Vascellari, a Milan-based percussion duo with a background in visual art. DFA Records have this to say:

Through their aptitude with drumming, they are masters at fusing the seemingly disparate influences of punk, tribal techno, and batacuda, emerging with a sound that is truly singular. The project takes its rhythmic backbone from Brazilian carnival music, and the duo injects each track with the frothy attitude of punk and the shuffling dancefloor domination of techno.

Available at Bandcamp.

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