James Brown – I Refuse To Lose

… the answer was “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. To my 33 unique visitors yesterday: you’re rubbish. Boo…

• “I Refuse to Lose” set to a JB comp. Thanks to Jeff Lee.

7.7 “Great Disco / Funk from the USA”

From his album “Get Up Offa That Thing” (Polydor PD-6071) released in 1976.

I should’ve went to see him live when I had the chance but, as usual, I let work get in the way of the important stuff, sheer idiocy… seize the day kids!

The title-track is, of course, a behemoth of the funky-disco-era, but since that was long since collected, it falls to the next best cut on this LP, added to my collection earlier in this year. On “I Refuse To Lose” the man got no money (he really was up to his neck in tax problems at this time) but he fights on, and there’s plenty of fight in these fast and funky rhythms. Right here, Team JB are as sharp as ever, and, lemme tell ya, that’s sharp. There were only 6 jams on this set, but the high-points were many within the 42 minutes runtime.

You can read my full JB review in my Album chart of 1976.


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