Strange U – Leviathan

• “Leviathan” set to, what I presume to be, a fan-created video. Thanks to SUPERSTRANGEUNIVERSE.

7.8 “Great Hip Hop / Rap from England”

Released via Bandcamp in December 2014.

Oops up side yo head with a truncheon. Ouch.

Smiley Culture RIP <3

Strange U are a side-project of rapper Kashmere and producer Dr Zygote. Kashmere has for a long time been one of the most compellingly strange and unique voices in British music. Dr Zygote has been the producer and co-founder (alongside the equally nuts/genius Jazz T) of perhaps the greatest unsung modern British music label, Boot Records. When Kash and JT come together to make Strange U music, something altogether new starts happening. ~ The Quietus

Heard on Lee Adcock’s February 2015 show via Dandelion Radio’s Mixcloud archive, for which the tracklist is available here.

Track available on a name your price basis at Bandcamp.


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