Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road

• “Thunder Road” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Great american music.

7.9 “Great Pop from the USA”

From his album “Born To Run” (Columbia PC-33795) released in 1975.

Uncle John will be turning in his grave when he feels this. Sorry Uncle John. What can I say? I’m a disciple, but not a zombie x

My album review:

The 25-year-old was out to colour-in the mid-70s grey of the AOR market and this was certainly achieved on a set which oozes ambition at every turn; the result of some 14 months in the recording studio with 6 months spent on the lead-single “Born To Run” alone. Springsteen has said that he wanted to make a record that sounded like “Roy Orbison singing Bob Dylan, produced by Spector.” And I’ll be darned – that’s exactly what it sounds like, so fair play to all concerned – these 8 mini-dramas are an aural pleasure, and a welcome antidote to the mind-numbing garbage which was dominating the American rock scene at the time.

You can read more of my album reviews for 1975 here.

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