Art Phag – Golf

• “Golf” set to a picture of a 1988 UK compile LP. Thanks to NorthernFly1.

7.6 “Great Indie Rock / Alternative Rock from the USA”

First out on the v/a comp “It Came From The Garage II!” (Wanghead Records WH-005) in 1987. Included as the opening track on their debut LP the following year.

I do love being reacquainted with an old familiar but long-forgotten piece, and such was the case when I heard Dandelion Radio’s Pete Jackson playing this on his January 2015 show lately.

Could be I taped it from Peelie back in the day but, if I did, it has long since perished. It cannot easily be attained in 2016 so, in the spirit of those C-90 days of yore, I’ve had to somewhat grubbily tape it off YouTube. I’m not proud.

These purveyors of three-chord aural ear-dirt, completely uninfluenced by Beethoven, Duke Ellington and Eric Clapton, were: Tim Rounsifer (drums), John Rasmussen (vocals) and Len Puch (guitar).

Their old My Space had this to say:

Co-founded by Detroit’s legendary surf-rock-a-billy guitar lord and mad scientist, Len Puch and heavily medicated, sometimes lucid, mostly liquored, crazed songwriter, Vegas Razz, Art Phag combined a heavy, swampy, bluesy wall of thick thick mud with a bazooka directness. Heavily influenced by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Cramps and a steady dose of voodoo beats from the other side, Art Phag blasted a sonic grunginess long before kids were rippin’ their jeans in Seattle AND doing it all with only a greased up guitar, jungle pounding drums and other-worldly vocals. At their highpoint, Art Phag tour with the likes of the Jesus & Mary Chain, The Membranes and My Bloody Valentine. Art Phag’s star slowly fizzled out in the mid-90s as prison, psycho wards and religious rituals began to take their toll on its founding members.

Please be assured, I’ve had my very best researchers on the case, and no actual wives were harmed in the making of “Golf”.


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