Eno – Everything Merges With The Night

• “Everything Merges with the Night” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to sbritt.

7.7 “Great New Wave from England”

From his album “Another Green World” (Island Records ILPS-9351) released in 1975.

Once again, this LP sees the bold Mr Eno enter the studio with no pre-conceptions, no fore-planning, bar the notion that he would engage the studio itself as a key instrument. Somehow, he emerges again with an interesting album of work; his modus operandi seems to serve him well. It didn’t do well commercially, but it’s widely regarded as a masterpiece amongst the critics. For me, it’s a bit patchy overall, but there are plenty of worthwhile moments over the course of the busy 14-track set.

The reflective “Everything Merges With The Night” is my favourite piece. It’s framed by some excellent high-neck / low-down bass wandering by Brian Turrington, offset by piano prettiness by the same player, played against wistful vocals and a highly melodic, effects-laden guitar by Eno.

You can read my full review which appears in my album chart of 1975 featured here.

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