Akkord – HTH020 [the haxan cloak’s cloud of witness remix]

• “HTH020 [the haxan cloak’s cloud of witness remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Houndstooth.

8.5 “Excellent Electronica from England”

From their 2 track EP “HTH030” (Houndstooth ‎HTH-030) issued in November 2014.

Sacred geometry, complex polyrhythms and clinical sound design all collide in the work of Manchester outfit, Akkord, who selected two of their favourite artists to reinterpret their HTH020 EP. The results are breath-taking – powerful and utterly ferocious.

Tri-Angle Records’ The Haxan Cloak dissected elements from all four tracks on HTH020, reassembling them into a 10-minute masterpiece, a wall of sound that defies classification. Meanwhile, fabric’s Room 2 inspired Hospital Productions label boss Vatican Shadow arranges parts of ‘Typeface’ and ‘Greyscale’ along with his own sounds, to create an intricate, ominous techno trip.

~ Houndstooth

Heard on the Kevin Robinson show January 2015 via Dandelion Radio’s Mixcloud archive, for which the tracklist is available here.

Track available directly via the Houndstooth label.


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