Powell – Club Music [ancient methods’ körpersäure 91′ remix]

• “Club Music [ancient methods’ körpersäure 91′ remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Voneuen.

7.9 “Great Alternative Dance from England”

From his EP “Club Music Remixes” (Diagonal DIAG-016) issued in November 2014.

Hey, Powell v Ancient Methods, two big hitters for the price of one, got to love that. If I could mix, and I was still jocking, and I had a crowd with taste, I’d go back-2-back with the Omar S remix of “Sharevari” for maximum dancefloor histrionics. Ooh yeah. Who’s in the house? Rebel’s in the house. ‘avin it large in my dreams.

From the stomping, metronomic beats to the snippets of militaristic vocals barking orders, the punk-style snarls and screeches cut up adeptly, both remixes from German producer Michael ‘Trias’ Wollenhaupt are redolent of the pre-techno era. Of the two versions, the “Körpersäure ’91” remix is closest in sound to acts like DAF, Ministry and Skinny Puppy. The rhythm is oppressively heavy, a squadron leader camply barks ‘1,2,3,4’ and, in a nod to later times, the clanging industrial rhythm spirals into an acid-fuelled climax. ~ junodownload

Heard on the Kevin Robinson show January 2015 via Dandelion Radio’s Mixcloud archive, for which the tracklist is available here.

Track available via junodownload.

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