Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band – Sun Is Down [wonderfeel remix]

• “Sun Is Down [wonderfeel remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover.

7.7 “Great Reggae from Japan”

From the v/a free-download EP “Mixtopia” issued in January, 2015.

Now this is what I call a remix – a complete overhaul of the track from Yoko’s 2009 album, Between My Head And The Sky‎”.

Back in 2009 Yoko extended a carte-blanche invititation to the DJs and Producers of the world to remix this song, and they were invited to download a pack containing the acapella tracks of Yoko’s vocal, vocal effects, and loops of bass, drums, efx and tenorion. Goodness knows how many entries there were, but 20 winning remixes were showcased on her website. The lady has the pulling power of a heavy-duty magnet.

From what I can ascertain, Wonderfeel, from Yarra Valley, Victoria, took up the challenge several years after the competition was over, what a laid-back guy.

The original was an electronic dance piece – in the hands of Wonderfeel it’s reinvented as an organic roots reggae dub.

I knew nothing about Wonderfeel ’til I chanced upon his free remix EP. His Facebook gives some flavour:

Wonderfeel makes music harkening back to our primal roots ~ earthy rhythms for healing dance. Based in rural Australia, Wonderfeel creates with rich organic textures, journeying ever deeper into raw hypnotic funk.

You can download this EP at Bandcamp.


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