Gilb’R – Beesan Rum: A Song For Anna

• “Beesan Rum – A Song For Anna” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Versatile Records.

7.6 “Great Dubbeat from France”

From the v/a EP “Acid Arab Collections EP03” (Versatile Records VER-098) issued in January, 2015.

Versatile Records say:

Gilb’R recorded in Versatile’s studio more percussion from Shadi Khries, as well as his voice, plus the frantic saxophones of Etienne Jaumet. He then proceeded to create the soundtrack of being a living drone in wasteland, flying from near the sun to a dry and mysterious sand. The song is haunted by an old Jordan poem that adds even more deepness to this timeless piece.

About the man, Resident Advisor have this to say:

Gilb’R is a man of many projects : Versatile Records label boss, half of Chateau Flight with I:Cube, producer of The Big Crunch Theory with Lisa Li Lund, member of Aladdin with Nicolas Ker, rising solo producer and encyclopaedic DJ.

When someone sticks with a certain kind of activity through its highs and lows for the most part of his life, you can definitely call it a passion. With Gilbert Cohen alias Gilb’R, you would even have to speak of a calling. From his days as a musical programmer and DJ for the legendary Parisian station Radio Nova to his productions, remixes and partnership with I:Cube as Chateau Flight and maybe most important with Versatile Records.

The history of modern French electronic and dance music would look very different without this man and his label.

Every adventure needs great thrills and Gilb’r is definitely still in the middle of one. Continuously playing versatile DJ sets from Brooklyn to Bombay and back again, you can catch him playing heavy techno and house sets as often as free-spirited dance music affairs, and if the vibe and place is right, all of it thrown together in one melting pot. According to music journalist wisdom, Gilb’r is simply what they call a DJ’s DJ.

Get it here.


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