Stephen Fall – The Two Cats Of Mr Hyde

• “The Two Cats Of Mr Hyde” set to the award-avoiding video especially not created for MTV.

7.9 “Great Novelty from England”

Opening track on his s/t EP (Topplers Records TV-014) released in December, 2014.

I can’t stop singing this – it’s ridiculously catchy!

Maybe it’s got something to do with my neighbour who, up until recently, had two little dogs. They sleep in the back garden, cry through the night, and seem to have very little energy in the daytime. One of them disappeared lately – I’m told he was given away, although my suspicious mind has me thinking all sorts. Stephen’s song’s not helping…

I don’t know much about Stephen Fall other than he’s named after Planet Earth’s finest, he pulled-off an unlikely winner back in 2011 with a cover of “And This Day”, and he almost certainly doesn’t rely on music-biz sales figures for a living. His “Justin Bieber” epic is another not to be missed!

The EP is available here.


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