Autosome – Elephant Raindance [vinny xavier remix]

• “Elephant Raindance [vinny xavier remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP. Thanks to Electronics Techno.

8.1 “Fantastic Alternative Dance from Australia”

From his “Impulse Current” EP (ESF Records) issued in September, 2014.

I’ve been having a major catch-up with Dandelion Radio‘s archive lately and I’m bursting at the seams with new tunes… on TLGR it’s going to have to be one-a-day for the foreseeable future methinks…

Impulse Current EP introduces the chugging techno-influenced style of Autosome AKA Samuel France from Brisbane, Australia. With steady, driving beats and high-quality sound design this Queensland native proves he has what it takes. Heavy rhythmic sensibilities and sweeping atmospheres intersect to manifest choice moments on the dance floor. Apart from two original cuts Vinny Xavier (Brazil) and Xenoscapes (Australia), both artists known for their dark, moody, and minimal style, provide two exclusive remixes, making this release a pick for both day and night sets. Mastered by Martin John Roast at Silent Partner Studios with artwork by Vinny Xavier at 102 Studios. ~

Elephant Raindance [vinny xavier remix]” is available here.


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