Slum of Legs – Doll Like

• “Doll Like” set to a picture of the housing single cover. Thanks to ┼ brt tvoj rođeni ┼.

8.2 “Fantastic Trance Rock from England”

First out as a 7″ a-side (Tuff Enuff TEEP 19) issued in May, 2015.

Grrrlgruppe sextet SLUM OF LEGS are Tamsin Chapman (lead vocals), Kate Franklin (guitar), Maria Marzaioli (violin), Michelle Steele (drums), Alex Othen (bass) and Emily Kawasaki (keyboards).

I’m loving the work of this gang at the moment; Prolapse meets Raincoats at Brighton Pier for some Punk Rave action.

It’s drummer Michelle who steps up for lead vocal on this one, described on their bandcamp as “a call to action. A battle against oppression. A fight for gender identity and acceptance.”

slum of legs

Do not mess with Slum of Legs.

Don’t fight them, feel them… they don’t have any bad songs… I’m all eyes and ears for some album action… I’ve got a tenner with your name on it Slum of Legs…

Doll Like” is available here.


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