Neu! – Lila Engel

• “Lila Engel” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Alexm799.

9.5 “All-time classic Trance Rock from Germany”

From their second album “Neu! 2” (Brain brain-1028) released in 1973.

The seemingly language-less “Lila Engel” (“Lilac Angel”) was typical of Neu!, Klaus Dinger style – ugly, aggressive and played blankly with wild, yet strangely disciplined, abandon. “Turn that racket DOWN” shouted the Mums of 1973.

Unfortunately, the duo sabotaged their second album by rendering 16RPM and 78RPM “versions” of songs, intended as a 2-fingered salute to the record company, but ultimately short-changing fans who had parted with their hard-earned. Dicks.

Despite teetering on the brink of extinction afterwards, guilt (or perhaps shame?) drove the duo back into the studio for one last hurrah; they more than made up for the patchy Neu! 2 with the treasure-packed Neu! ’75.

I love them really.

You can check out my favoured album reviews for 1973 here.

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