Stephen Marley featuring Bounty Killer and Cobra – Ghetto Boy

• “Ghetto Boy” original music video. Thanks to StephenMarleyVEVO.

9.6 “All-time classic Reggae from Jamaica”

First available as a download single on iTunes in May, 2015. Will be included on Marley’s forthcoming album “Revelation Pt. II: “The Fruit of Life””, expected in July 2016.

Great to hear Bounty Killer is still bellowing mightily in his mid-40s. He’s got to be up there with Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Mahlathini and Prince Fari for the crown of Planet Earth’s most powerful, most bad-ass, male vocal.

In fact, the magnificent “Ghetto Boy” finds Marley, Killer and Cobra all on great form vocally and lyrically, and the uniquely produced “spaghetti western” riddim is as appropriate as it is stunning. The Wild-West is alive and well in the 21st century – only it’s moved a couple of thousand miles South. In the urban areas of Jamaica, gang crimes are omnipresent and gun culture is rife. It’s been that way for nearly 50 years now, and it’s only getting worse. Bounty Killer himself was shot as a 14 year-old youth. Just the other week, he was robbed of his rolex and about £2,500 in cash at gunpoint. And him “the poor people’s governor”, the “ghettos’ gladiator”. It seems no-one is untouchable, and his Petty Thief classic from 2002 is as relevant today is it was  then.

Jamaica Jamaica.

Mi weep fi di yutes dem.

: – (

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