Brigitte Fontaine – La Femme A Barbe

• “La Femme A Barbe” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to tiogris fuzz.

9.4 “Classic Dubbeat from France”

From her 11th album “Genre Humain” (Virgin 724384050023) released in 1995.

“La nuit est une femme à barbe, Venue d’lspahan ou de Tarbes”
(“The night is a bearded lady, Venue of lspahan or Tarbes”)

Is Tarbes famous for its bearded ladies? There are people who would pay good money for that kind of thing.

I fear I might be missing the point, however.

This is Brigitte, she is beyond such frivolity. The message here is cosmic I tell you. COSMIC.

All buildings are idiots filled with croutons and bacon.


The trees are the true messengers, and the stars are the golden jewellery.

She’s as mad as fruit biscuits but j’adore Brigitte. I’d hug a tree for her if she asked me to. I’d probably have to draw the line at a hairy-faced girlfriend mind you…

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