Tiger – Souls of Africa

• “Souls of Africa” set to a picture of the original 7″ single. Thanks to CASSOUNET1.

7.5 “Great Reggae from Cuba”

First out as a 45 (New Beat NB-052) in 1970. Later included on his album “The Fantastic Laurel Aitken” (Hebra Records LP-61) released in 1972.

My album review:

For some reason, the set wasn’t released in Laurel’s home territory, and it was the little known Belgian label Hebra Records who delivered the package for the European market. That said, there’s not much new action for dedicated Laurel Aitken followers, but for those only interested in collecting LPs it could be regarded differently as all tracks were new to the discography from that perspective. There are two brand new tracks – “Chop Chop Rock” and “Reggae Mood” as well as 9 single sides issued between 1969-1971 and an overdubbed ‘new’ version of a rhythm track from ’67, “Rock Steady”. Perhaps tellingly, the one glorious track, “Heile Heile (The Lion)” stems from 1969. Next best are the two tracks which were billed to his alias, Tiger, namely “Dallas Texas” and “Souls Of Africa”, two sides of a fine 1970 single on New Beat. Not too bad – but nowhere near as vital as the recent high watermark albums of 1969 and 1970. As with Prince Buster, the 45-year-old was starting to struggle to keep up with Jamaican trends…

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