uMahlathini nabo uLungile – Sekwenzenjani

• “Sekwenzenjani” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.3 “Fantastic Africana from South Africa”

From their album “uMahlathini nabo uLungile” (Motella BL-474) released in 1984.

Starring Simon ‘Mahlathini’ Nkabinde in collaboration with his brother Zephaniah Lungile Nkabinde. Although contemporaneous, this is a nostalgic LP in many ways, which sees the Nkabinde brothers reunite musically for the first time in almost 20 years. They had first played together in the 50s pennywhistle-vocal jive group Black Mambazo, then again in the mid-60s as part of Abafana Bezi Modern. This was Sir Mahlathini back at the house of Mavuthela – where a high quality production is usually guaranteed. The group line up for this one: George Mangxola (lead guitar), Christian Nombewu (rhythm guitar); Zeph Khoza (drums); Noise Khanyile (violin), Lucky Monama (percussion) and Joseph Makwela (bass guitar). Keyboards are prominent, although I’m not too sure who plays these. This is a really good album which demonstrates this crew were still able to sound great in a more synthesized 80s environment.

You can read more about this set and download a copy from Electric Jive – where else? ;-)

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