Tim Buckley – Buzzin’ Fly

• “Buzzin’ Fly” set to a picture of Tim. Thanks to SpaceOdyssee0.

7.9 “Great Folk Rock / Americana from the USA”

From his 3rd LP “Happy Sad” (Elektra EKS-74045) released in July, 1969.

The album is a moody, proggy, jazzy affair and doesn’t do much for me – with the exception of “Buzzin’ Fly”, which is positively breezy by comparison, featuring some nifty work on the vibraphone from David Friedman and some very fine 12-string guitar from Tim.

Noticeably, “Buzzin’ Fly” was written much earlier than the rest of the work – around 1966 – and was originally performed with a group Buckley had during high school, the Harlequin 3, with bassist Jim Fielder and later lyricist, Larry Beckett.

To Buckley’s great irritation, “Buzzin’ Fly” became his most requested live tune – and now here I am pressing play and repeat nearly 50 years on. Pah, what do we music fans know?

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