The Pentangle – Hunting Song

• “Hunting Song” as performed on the BBC show “Sing The Pentangle”, recorded 20th June 1970. Thanks to CabinFeverReliever.

9.0 “Classic Folk from England”

From their 3rd LP “Basket of Light” (Transatlantic Records TRA-205) released in 1969.

My album review:

Here, the five points of The Pentagle are: Bert Jansch (25, lead and backing vocals, guitar, banjo); Jacqui McShee (25, lead and backing vocals); John Renbourn (25, lead and backing vocals, guitar, sitar); Danny Thompson (30, double bass) and Terry Cox (32, drums, glockenspiel, hand drum, lead and backing vocals). “Basket of Light” gave the group their biggest hit album, a #5 placing on the British chart. It’s an all-acoustic affair, although so richly textured that you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. They’re a terrific unit – the interplay between each and every member contributes to a wonderful whole, and they effortlessly breeze between the medieval and the contemporary folk motifs, enhanced with alt-jazz flourishes adding extra spice. The “ghostly” vocals of Jacqui McShee are the perfect front for their timeless sound.

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