Mahotella Queens – Matlare

• “Mahotella Queens – Matlare” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.4 “Fantastic Africana from South Africa”

This sotho-vocal jive number, from the effortlessly cool Mahotella Queens, opens up side 2 of the compilation LP “Sishong Sa Melodi” (Gumba Gumba LMGG-4) issued in 1969.

The girls must have cared for this track because, as historian Nick Lotay tells, they re-recorded it in 1988 (under the new title of “Mme Ngwana Walla”) for their album “Melodi Yalla”. Composer credits for this one go to acclaimed saxophonist Shadrack Piliso and producer Rupert Bopape.

The LP is well out of print but you can download a copy from the magnificent Electric Jive blog, here.

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