The Mothers of Invention – Mom & Dad

• “Mom & Dad” set to lyrics with the inner album image. Thanks to Didacus.

7.6 “Great Cerebral Pop from the USA”

From their 4th LP “We’re Only In It for the Money” (Verve Records V6-5045) released in March, 1968.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Zappa. Some of that jazz-rock fusion can be sheer hell, but it’s always worth keeping him there at arm’s length though; he’s usually got something interesting to say.

Early doors, the album has a neat triptych: Who Needs The Peace Corps? / Concentration Moon / Mom & Dad.

On the final piece, Zappa lines up 2 targets for his ire; brutal police tactics and plastic parents:

Ever take a minute just to show a real emotion
In between the moisture cream & velvet facial lotion?
Ever tell your kids you’re glad that they can think?
Ever say you loved ’em? Ever let ’em watch you drink?
Ever wonder why your daughter looked so sad?
It’s such a drag to have to love a plastic Mom & Dad

Mama! Mama!
Your child was killed in the park today
Shot by the cops as she quietly lay
By the side of the creeps she knew…
They killed her too.

An intriguing answer song to “She’s Leaving Home” methinks…


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