The Who – Armenia City In The Sky

• “Armenia City In The Sky” set to a Who slideshow. Thanks to I Get The Music.

8.4 “Fantastic Psychedelia from England”

From their LP “Who Sell Out” (Track Record 612 002) in 1967.

“Armenia City in the Sky” was written by a friend of the band, John “Speedy” Keen, the man who later wrote and sang the Uk#1 smash, “Something In The Air”, for Thunderclap Newman.

This was the only song that The Who ever performed that was specifically written for the group by a non-member. “Armenia City In The Sky” was, apparently, inspired by a long-lost painting back in the 1960s.

John’s writing seems to lend itself to the big, wide-eyed, dramatic productions:

If you ever want to lose some time
Just take off, there’s no risk
If you ever want to disappear
Just take off, and think of this

Armenia, city in the sky
Armenia, city in the sky

The sky is glass, the sea is brown
And everyone is upside-down.

What can it all mean? [< acts all innocent]

The Who did an excellent job with this one; they never sounded so trippy. Everything bar the kitchen sink was thrown into the mix – and it was a great way to kick-off the LP.

Freak out!


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