Klub des Loosers – Baise Les Gens

Ok, for the auld alliance, for the sake o’ auld land syne, one last entry fromFabriqué en France; 130 Chansons, a great soundtrack to a 10 hour working day if ever I heard one ; – )

• “Baise Les Gens” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Leklubdesloosers.

8.5 “Excellent Hip Hop / Rap from France”

Klub des Loosers, a sometime collective, is primarily led by author / actor / singer / rapper / producer Fuzati (Romain Goehrs), who originates from Versailles.

This exquisite creation was co-produced by his hometown buddy Orgasmic (Cédric Caillol) and Para One (Jean-Baptiste de Laubier).

It was first out as a 12″ (Record Makers REC-09) in 2003 before settling down to live on the Klub des Loosers full-length, “Vive La Vie” (Record Makers REC-18) a year later.

Mnsr Goehrs, seems to be French Hip Hop’s equivalent of Michel Houellebecq. I must say I enjoy the black humour of the misanthropes!

Who can resist singing along “baise baise? Baise! BAISE baise? Baise bAISE BAisE baisie BAISE!!! baise Basie BAise BAIse BAISe BAISE BAISE!!!”

Just make sure you’re not in the company of French speaking sensitive types : – O

Bonne année tout le monde!

(^note: clearly not misanthropic)


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