La Peste – Techniques Illegales De Juxtaposition Des Angles

…and following on nicely from yesterday’s psyché of Pierre Henry…

• “Techniques Illegales De Juxtaposition Des Angles” set to a picture of the 12″. Thanks to Lagerwal.

8.1 “Fantastic Avant-Garde from France”

Another from “Fabriqué en France; 130 Chansons”.

La Peste (trans The Plague) is the moniker of Flashcore / Speedcore / Noise / Experimental music producer, Laurent Mialon. He’s named after Camus’ existentialist classic of ’47.

This is the flip-side to his 12″ “Sexe/Mort Vs. Rupture/Structure” (Hangars Liquides 13) issued in 2000.

Coda Magazine refer to his productions as “the most violent music in France” although he’s in somewhat of a mellow mood on this occasion.

He’s a master of tension and threat, and I’m also a great admirer of his steadfast resolution to remain a sample-free zone – somewhat of a rarity in the DJ / Producer world these days.

Organic concrete I like to call it. You can have that.


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