Métal Urbain – Lady Coca Cola

• “Lady Coca Cola” set to a picture of the original 7″. Thanks to fida le rebbec.

8.2 “Fantastic Post-Punk from France”

Another from “Fabriqué en France; 130 Chansons”, a playlist containing 130 choice cuts celebrating the French alternative music scene.

These were Parisian innovators where VU distortion meets Kraftwerk via the attitude of the Pistols.

This was the b-side to their debut single, “Panik” (Cobra COB-47004) issued in 1977.

You see here a rare video clip filmed in late 1977, L to R: Pat Luger (guitar), Clode Panik (vocals), Eric Debris (programming) and Hermann Schwartz (guitar).

They made little headway on their home turf where the scene was tiny, and French language was always going to struggle to make an impression in the UK.

Peel played them of course. Bien sûr.

Classic case of not being properly appreciated until after the event.

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